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11/17/23, 10am

​​Montgomery County Police Department

100 Edison Park Drive

Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Our member agencies are requested to host our group meetings.  The meetings provide a forum for members to discuss recent trends and issues they are facing in recruiting and conducting backgrounds. 


The meetings begin at 10 am with lunch following the meeting.  The association pays for the associated food and beverage costs.  The host agency is only responsible for picking up the food and drinks. 


The meetings begin with an introduction of members and review of association minutes, old business, and any committee or reports being presented. 

Our formal training or discussion topics are next on the meeting agenda.  We regularly poll our members and provide training or facilitate discussions as requested. 

If you are interested in hosting please submit your information on the contact us page or tell a board member. 


Our meetings provide great networking and allow all members to build new skills and contacts.

Future Meetings & Topics:


January 26,2024 - TBD

March 29,2024 - TBD

May 31, 2024 - TBD

July 26,2024 - TBD 

Eastern Region Police Recruiters & Applicant Investigators Association

Founded 1984

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